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We are an online community that plays chess. Here you can play chess, regardless of whether you have only ten minutes of free time a day, or, conversely, are you willing to sit at the chess board 24 hours long — In any case, we guarantee you a good exercise for your brain and mood of the game of chess. You choose how often you go: there is no need to check out their games in the "here and now", they will be waiting for you the next day! At home, at work, in an Internet cafe… Game of chess will be with you always and everywhere! Find 10 minutes — make your move!

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What is Chess-Online?

First of all, it is a portal where you can play, slowly, along with multiple contenders, choosing the optimal way to games-from blitz games to technologically advanced chess by correspondence.
This is the latest news from the world of chess, "big" official tournaments, the World Championships, battle of the best Grand Masters of the galaxy.
This is the theory and practice of chess, the base of the debuts, background information about the players and history.

But above all is the atmosphere and people, our community that stretches across the entire globe, from London to Vladivostok, from Israel to New Zealand. We share a game of chess — play we can always and everywhere! However, we are not limited only to the game, we meet, find new friends, learn new and interesting conversation. After all, no one could stop loving them, chess has never been greater. This game will forever leave its mark in us. And so we easily with each other, even though we are so different.